January 2006

It seems like no time at all since the beginning of 2005 but reliable sources inform me that indeed a New Year has just dawned. Alas it appears that there must be some truth in the rumour that the Christmases are getting closer together. Anyway and anyhow, I wish you all peace, good health and good fortune in 2006 and I hope we will meet somewhere along the way. Feel free to write and let me know how things are in your world - and any ideas or suggestions - it's always good to hear from you.


September 2005

As the months slip past, I find myself taking an ever-growing interest in the Tai Chi and the Meditation and the Reiki and the living in “The Now”. Without going completely overboard, of course – still, I must say that I enjoy them all and feel benefit on several fronts. They offer a wonderfully enjoyable and totally safe way of “getting out of my mind” - without any of those nasty side-effects! I’m hoping, too, that they’ll create the required space to let in a little bit of “enlightenment” as regards finishing a dozen or more songs and tunes I’ve been working on. After a busy first half of 2005 - with tours in Germany, Denmark, Holland, UK, Norway and Israel - I now have a couple of months to concentrate on some writing and hopefully some recording in the not too distant future. Dangerous for writers to plan too far into the future of course ….. so, for the present I’ll continue to enjoy “the now” ….. and maybe, hopefully meet you somewhere as that future unfolds.

Many people ask to be updated on News, Tours, Concerts, Recordings, etc. – both re myself and also The Sands Family. If you'd like to be informed of such things please send an e-mail to and I'll keep you posted. And, of course, it’s always good to hear from you anyway. Take good care of your good selves.


December 2004

Another year draws to an end and a new one beckons. Very warm, seasonal wishes to all who have listened to my songs and music on CD or at concerts over the past year. I hope you all enjoy the festivities and see much hope for "Peace and Goodwill on Earth" amidst all the clamour .... Good to remember, sometimes, that the best things in life aren't things ... I look forward to meeting you somewhere along the road in 2005.

Many people have asked to be updated on News, Tours, Concerts, Recordings etc. If you'd like to be informed of such things please send a mail to and I'll keep you posted.


Ben's third solo CD, "Better Already" was released in April 2003 at a launch party in Warrenpoint, Co. Down.  A memorable evening was hosted by TV producer, singer, broadcaster, writer and all-round Folk Hero, Tony McAuley, in the company of many musicians and friends of Ben and the Sands Family.  Sadly it was to be one of Tony's last appearances in public.  The man credited with very important contributions to the early careers of Enya, Planxty, Clannad, Mary Black, The Sands Family, Paul Brady, de Dannan and many, many others lost his fight against cancer on 7th June.

"Better Already", 11 all-new songs and instrumentals, has been critically acclaimed by the folk world's press, radio and fellow-performers and is now widely available.