1. Among Friends Again
A reflection on how travelling musicians grow older and hopefully wiser along with their audiences, many of whom become close friends over the years.

2. Wish I Had A Penny
A love song with a sense of loss and longing.

3. Writing A Song For You
The trials and tribulations in a songwriter’s attempt to write a song by request.

4. Two Jigs, Daisies For Dara And Katie's In Clover
Written for children’s children, Dara and Katie.

5. Renovation
A sincere look at a struggle with addiction with light shining through after the darkness.

6. Fair Exchange
An amazing piece of invention and inventiveness, involving a farmer, his wife and a tinker.

7. Better Already
Written for the special friends we are lucky to find, who can brighten the darkest hour by just walking into the room.

8. Farewell To The Town
Instrumental commissioned to mark the raising of Newry ( County Down ) from town to city status in 2002.

9. Wedding Daze
Some timely and sound advice for the prospective groom, not guaranteed to calm nerves.

10. I Wonder...
A wistful ramble through the random thoughts that can strike one while having a late drink in a hotel bar.

11. Hug
A wonderful conclusion that the simple Hug is indeed the best medication known to mankind.